Some people think living in big cities is bad for people's health. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


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上海私人品茶工作室  审题要点:大城市的生活是否会对人们的健康造成破坏




上海私人品茶工作室  2.生活节奏快,在大城市生活的人们往往精神压力大,心理不健康

上海私人品茶工作室  不同意(让步段):

上海私人品茶工作室  城市健身设施完备,很多人也积极参加锻炼,但尽管如此,只要人们生活的自然环境没有得到改善,生活节奏过快,人们还是很难维持健康。


  In many countries today, big cities seem to be stubbornly appealing to the mass population, along with which there arises the question as for whether living in a city will damage people’s health. For me, the answer is definitely yes.


上海私人品茶工作室  On one hand, the environment of most major cities, especially those in developing and underdeveloped countries, has been severely destroyed due to the overly quick industrialization. Take air pollution as an example, the speed of vehicles’s injecting tail gas and erect chimneys’ vomiting forth clouds of smoke is so fast and the volume so considerable that the atmosphere long before has failed to degrade the pollutants. Consequently, haze become a new natural hazard in many metropolises in the long run, with the PM 2.5 density in some reaching several times the national limit.

上海私人品茶工作室  一方面,大多数主要城市的环境,特别是发展中国家和欠发达国家的环境,由于过度的工业化而遭到严重破坏。以空气污染为例,车辆注射尾气的速度和竖立的烟囱吐烟的速度是如此之快,体积如此之大,以至于以前的空气质量都没有降低污染物的浓度。因此,从长远来看,雾霾在很多大城市都是一个新的自然灾害,pm2.5的浓度达到了国家极限的几倍。

  Apart from the threat posed to the physical health of city dwellers, the ever-accelerated living tempo, tuned with their competitive mind-set, is doomed to do damage to people’s mental health as well. It is not uncommon that blue-collar and white-collar workers as well spend any more hours in workplace than in their home, not to mention enough time squeezed for relaxation and recreation. An extreme and tragic case in point is the soaring number of suicides in bog cities.


  Nevertheless, it has to be admitted that health facilities in big cities are increasingly available and in full set and not a few people are making efforts to keep fit. In the morning the young and old can be seen jogging around parks and after dinner women gather and dance on squares. Many companies and public institutes also organize activities to encourage their members to do exercise. But despite all the convenience, few people can maintain their health as long as the air we breathe is still severely contaminated and the workload remains unbearable.

上海私人品茶工作室  然而,必须承认的是,大城市的卫生设施越来越多,而且越来越多,而不是少数人在努力保持健康。在早晨,人们可以看到年轻和年老的人们在公园里慢跑,饭后妇女们在广场上跳舞。许多公司和公共机构也组织活动,鼓励他们的成员进行锻炼。但是,尽管有这么多便利,只要我们呼吸的空气仍然受到严重污染,工作负担仍然无法承受,几乎没有人能维持他们的健康。

  To sum up, theoretically, at least for now and in the near future, it is of faint possibility for the basic living environment to restore its purity and the society to cease to pursue the unsustainable development; therefore, pathetically, the health conditions of most city dwellers will still deteriorate.





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